Andriy Lytvynenko

Andriy Litvinenko is a director and independent producer of documentary films. In 2012, he was the author of an idea and one of the directors of the documentary almanac of the film “Pose Euro”, which is an assignment to the life in Kiev for an hour of the European Championship in football. Also, one of the directors from the almanacs of documentary films “Kiev from the Svitanka to the Right” (2011), “Ukrainian Voices” (2013, 2015), “Maidan. Chornovy montage “(2015). In 2014, we have a job at School IM. Andrzej Waidi at documentary studios. Curator of the project lab Dokutoloka (2015) – now a chatting session for thoroughly presenting documentary projects in Ukraine. Buv was a Ukrainian producer and the author of the idea of ​​the film “Process. Russian Power against Oleg Sentsov” (2016). In 2019, he finished the documentary film “The Reserve of Askania”, which is the prizes at the decilkoh international festivals.
At the development of a project about zoo-activists from Mykolaiv for a chol with a light champion with a barbell press by Gannoy Kurkurina and a project about young Ukrainian sciences.
Filmography director:
“Kiev see the svitanka right away” – doc. 45 min. 2011 (Poland).
“On a stake” doc., 12 min., 2012 documentary cycle POSA ЄEURO
“Novitsya – a vision of the sky” doc. 35 hv., 2013 (Poland)
“Road-wheel” ігр., 7 th., 2012
“Spooky Nights, Kyivska Miska Administratsiya” doc., 6 min., 2014 went to the lengthy film “Maidan. Chornoviy installation ”
“Bertsi” igr., 16 min., 2014
“Aerorozvidka” cycle of social video ads 2015 ric (Revision at the contest of social advertising YOUTH 2015)
“Internal displaced persons – trample everything on the mountain” 12 hv. documentary, 2016 rіk. “Science of Redemption” 12 min. documentary, 2017
“Vattenti” 10 min, doc. Ukraine-Italy, 2017
“Reserve Askania” 75 min., Doc. 2019


In field

This film is about the Aksania Nova Nature Reserve. About people who love this place and give their lives caring for wildlife. Parad...