Denys Strashny

Producer, operator

Denis Strashny graduated from Kyiv International University in 2009 with a degree in Cinema and Television Operator (workshop – Yu.T. Garmash). Since 2009 he has been an independent cinematographer, working on various television and media formats. He has shot more than a hundred advertising, music and art works as a cameraman, about 50 – as a cameraman, director and producer.

In the winter of 2014, he was wounded on the Maidan during filming. Since then, he devotes most of his time to documentary projects. “Almost 10,000 Voters” is the debut of Denis Strashny as a producer; The world premiere of the film took place at the 33rd Warsaw Film Festival.

“The Tale of the Grasshopper” / in production / dir. Ulyana Osovska, Denis Strashny
“Reserve Askania” / in production / dir. Andriy Lytvynenko
“Iron Hundred” / in production / dir. Julia Gontaruk
“Almost 10,000 Voters” / 2017, 63 min. / Dir. Ulyana Osovska
“Trustee” / 2015, 15 min. / Dir. Ulyana Osovska (Almanac “Ukrainian voices 2”)
“Good morning, Kyiv City State Administration” / 2013, 10 min. / Dir. Andriy Lytvynenko (Almanac “Maidan. Rough
Cut ”)
“In the field” / 2013, 12 min. / Dir. Andriy Lytvynenko (Almanac “Ukrainian voices”)
“Bosyak” / 2010 / dir. Anna Chizh
“Fish” / 2010 / dir. Maria Kondakova
“Gospel” / 2009 / – dir. Olga Zhurba
“Absusus” / 2009 / – dir. Catherine Cherney


Almost 10 000 Voters

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