About us

The mission of the organization is to democratize and popularize the documentary genre among the Ukrainian audience. We call ourselves the documentary rearguard, the artistic force closest to the people. We create documentary works of art on topics relevant to society; we create opportunities for people who want to master documentary art, thus developing and supporting it; and we distribute content created on the basis of the organization through classic and alternative distribution, giving the opportunity to view it to viewers who usually do not have access to modern Ukrainian cinema (for example, residents of frontline towns or remote villages).

Meaningful priorities for DOCUTOLOKA are preservation of cultural heritage and initiation of cultural dialogue. With the help of documentary art tools, we preserve evidence of the present and open new perspectives on traditional art to our audience. Working at the intersection of art, science and civic activism, we encourage dialogue to avert and prevent conflict.

Profile topics of the organization: traditions (cultural heritage, music, ethnography), society (democratic processes, social changes), live music for the soul (live performances, street artists), travel, documentary theory.