Ulyana Osovska


Director, public activist and traveler Ulyana Osovska was born in Ukraine. She graduated from Kyiv National University of Economics with a degree in International Business. She became actively interested in documentaries during the 2013/2014 Revolution. At that time she was also a volunteer of the E + organization, which took care of the wounded on the Maidan. Ulyana Osovska made her directorial debut in 2015 with the film “Trustee”, which became part of the almanac Ukraine. Voices 2 ”. In the same year, together with like-minded people, she founded the non-governmental organization Dokutoloka, which unites artists and public activists.

“Almost 10,000 Voters” is her feature film debut, which premiered at the 33rd Warsaw Film Festival.


The Tale of the Grasshopper / in production, 75 min.
Almost 10,000 voters / 2017, 63 min.
Trustee / 2015, 15 min.


Almost 10 000 Voters

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